Visual .NET Development simplicity meets Web 2.0 (finally)

I’d like to invite you to an upcoming webinar targeted at Visual WebGui newbies and beginners as part of the new completely free evaluation program for the Visual WebGui Experience.

“The Evaluation Program with its free webinar series is offered to new comers as we believe that this is the best way for developers to fully understand what Visual WebGui is and how its many benefits can contribute to your objectives,” says Itzik Spitzen VP of R&D at Gizmox.

Visual WebGui (VWG) has gained its fame for its simplicity that lets core Microsoft developers, develop rich ASP.NET Ajax based Web, Cloud or Mobile applications just the way they are used to developing desktop .NET apps. With over 200,000 .NET developers that have adopted Visual WebGui to write over 35,000 VWG applications you can be sure that VWG opens the new cross-browsers HTML5 horizons for developers.

The session “Develop data-centric Ajax-enhanced, secured-by-design application with 50 screens in 30 days” is available at the following times:

  1.  This Thursday, March 31st at 10AM EST. Click here to register to this session:
  2. Next *Tuesday, April 5th at 1PM EST*. Click here to register to this session:

If you miss the good ole’ visual .NET development practices with the move to the web applications world, then Visual WebGui should greatly interest you.


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